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Being apart of our memberships allows us as a company to keep aligned with our values while collaborating and networking with different businesses to grow and develop. This lets us contribute to internal practices, experiences, and knowledge, along with news and ideals through various channels. Making sure that our customers receive the highest quality experiences our memberships allow us to conform to the industry standard.



Swansea Bay Business Club

Swansea Bay Business Club

Manufacturing Wales

Manufacturing Wales

Made in Britain

Made in Britain

chambers wales

Chamber of Trade and Commerce


Recognising that businesses have the power to do good CBI believes that when the economy booms, society prospers, and businesses play their part protecting and growing that economy allows us to make a difference. Creating opportunities, building, innovating, and cultivating a better future for the next generation.

Our company values every opportunity to influence and engage that is why the CBI and our CEO Alison Orrells sits on the SME National Council & Wales Council.

Swansea Bay Business Club

Swansea Bay Business Club

Swansea Bay Business Club a very simple objective: to encourage the business community to grow and support each other in Swansea Bay region.

Supporting this club and its members to collaborate and share knowledge makes us very proud as a company. Our own CEO Alison Orrells sits on the board.

Manufacturing Wales

Manufacturing Wales is a powerful voice showcasing the ambition and visons or manufacturers throughout Wales. This collaborative syndicate created specifically to assist meet the intricate demands of Welsh-based manufacturers, helping raise the credibility of Welsh brands, maximising supply chain opportunities and building-in resilience for member organisations.

We are so passionate about Welsh manufacturing jobs that our own CEO Alison Orrells is a Founder Board Member or Manufacturing Wales, helping create British jobs, re-investments and value.

Manufacturing Wales
made-in-britain banner

Made In Britain

Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses that provide evidence that their product is manufactured in Britain and we firmly believe in the importance of buying British and the powerful impact that can have on our economy.

We have been members for many years and are proud that 99% of our product range is made in South Wales. We also source raw materials in the UK wherever possible.

Chambers Wales

Helping business grow and be represented for over 175 years, Chambers Wales has offered a platform for businesses allowing them to be heard and news to be spread about them to a wide network of individuals. With businesses spanning across 80% of Wales, access to industry experts and accredited by the British Chamber of Commerce, they represent a true feeling of community. We have been a proud member of Chambers Wales member for over 23 years.




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