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Display Screen Units

The display screen units featured across the range of myRENZbox intelligent parcel delivery boxes are used by couriers, recipients and general management staff for complete access control.

The myRENZbox smart parcel locker display screen units are available in a number of different sizes to suit your smart parcel boxes and the project requirements you have. Scroll down for more information on the available options.

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Display Screen Sizes

myRENZbox - 5 Inch Display

5" Display Screen

The Renz control unit with 5-inch touch display is a central menu-driven control unit for smaller mail and parcel box units with up to 8 boxes.

Drivers can authenticate themselves with their hand-held device, while residents can do so using the myRENZbox app, electronic key chip or personalised PIN. The resident is notified by email, Messenger, SMS (text) or push message about the delivery or collection of a parcel.

myrenzbox display-screen-units-8-inch

8" Display Screen

On parcel box units, the Renz control unit with 8-inch touch display is a central menu-driven control unit for up to 500-compartment mail and parcel box units and collection boxes.

This control unit can therefore be used when a larger number of residents need to be accommodated. Menu navigation is even more convenient than with the 5-inch control unit.

32 inch display screen myrenzbox

32" Display Screen

The Renz control unit with 32-inch touch display has the same features as its smaller sister. With its much larger display, it doubles as a digital information terminal for communication or advertising.

The default screen displays the required promotional/advertising information, the parcel menu screen is activated as soon as the screen is touched and after a predetermined ‘idle time’, the screen automatically switches back to display promotional messages.

A comparison between the Display Screen Control Units

Control Unit5"8"32"
Delivery with electronic key chip-
Delivery with unique PIN
Delivery with permanent PIN
Delivery to resident internally
Collection with electronic key chip-
Collection with permanent PIN
Collection with myRENZ app-
Smaller mail and parcel box units--
Mid-sized mail and parcel box units
Large mail and parcel box units
Outdoors, covered
Renz Internet Portal
Online administration
Operator portal
Residents' portal
Storage contracts can be concluded online
Individual screen design--
Digital information terminal-
Integration of advertising-
Electronic bulletin board-
Multilingual capability
Notification function
SMS (text)---
Push message by myRENZ app---
Internet connection
LAN connection
Access media
myRENZ app
Electronic key chip
Mifare Classic
Mifare Desfire
LEGIC Prime---
Others on request
Unique PIN
Permanent PIN
Integration of on-site access media--
Icon Key  ✓ Suitable solution   ✕ Not a suitable solution  - Optional

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