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We offer a comprehensive range of parcel locker products. From intelligent, digital or manual parcel boxes through to the option of a bespoke solution. All options are to ensure parcels are delivered 24/7 – effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Providing the ultimate Parcel delivery solution for your specific requirements. Whether its residential, student, business or consumer, retailer or courier, our Parcel boxes deliver a high quality, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to your parcel needs.

Grid Renz SLB

Intelligent Parcel Boxes

Our comprehensive range of intelligent parcel boxes ensure parcels are delivered effectively, efficiently and securely. Providing the ultimate parcel delivery solution 24/7.

Grid Renz SLB

Digital Parcel Box Range

We now have a high-capacity parcel delivery solution that has the flexibility to use several types of locking technology including ‘Click n Lock’, digital combination or RFID reader lock/unlock systems.

Grid Renz SLB

Manual Parcel Box Range

Manual parcel boxes are a great way to store high quantities of mail and parcel deliveries during any time of the day. These are a great solution for both commercial and domestic projects.

Grid Renz SLB

Individual Parcel Box Range

Our range of individual parcel boxes provide a large-capacity solution to high quantities of mail and parcel deliveries. Storing them securely any time of the day or night.

Grid Renz SLB

Mail & Parcel Box Combinations

Parcel and mail go hand in hand, that’s why our combination range delivers a secure and cost affective solution to both mail and parcel deliveries for any project.

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We offer a wide variety of products that come in different sizes and can be integrated  into larger banks of parcel boxes. Vinyl wrapping, bespoke function processes and configurations can be implemented on myRENZbox.

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No-obligation consultation

We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

Simply complete and submit the form and we will get back in touch to talk through your requirements.

We also provide Autocad drawings as required – it’s all part of the service!