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Manual Parcel Boxes

We have a comprehensive range of manual parcel delivery boxes that are able to securely store high quantities of mail and parcel deliveries at any time of the day or night. The manual parcel boxes that we supply can be used for both commercial and domestic projects to suit, as either a single or banked configuration to suit.

Installation options vary depending on the model that is used, but options are available for wall mounting, wall recessed, through-the-wall and freestanding to suit. The functionality of the parcel boxes featured on this page are ‘manual’, but they can quite easily be fitted with a digital / electronic lock to meet the requirements of the client.

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Manual Parcel Boxes – MEFA Hazel

The MEFA Hazel is a parcel box with loading chute used for both mail and parcel storage and delivery at the same time. This minimalist option is usually fitted in a free-standing arrangement, but for the Camden Courtyard development they were fitted into a ‘bank of boxes’ for secure mail and parcel delivery. They are also situated for a fantastic use of space.

They have also got contrasting silver vinyl lettering on each box, which allows delivery personnel to quickly identify where each letter and parcel needs to be delivered to.

This product was most recently used on the Barratt Homes – Camden Road project and has been extremely well received by residents, management staff and couriers alike.


Digital Parcel Boxes – Safety Letterbox Solution

The mailboxes are our COM 2 steel door mailboxes, featuring an aperture so the concierge can deposit mail easily for each resident. It also offers a secure and safe option for residents as their mail is only accessible by the authorized owner of the box.

The parcel box solution used a full front opening door for accessibility and allows a wide variety of parcel to be stored in them. They are also combined with a digital lock for increased security and ease of access for both the concierge and for the residents retrieving the parcels. The digital combination lock can easily be set and reset, and each code can be unique for every parcel.

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MEFA Parcel Box Brochure


MEFA Parcel Box Brochure

Parcel boxes are now an essential feature of any home that orders online, ensuring mail can be delivered and stored at any time.


MyRENZBox Intelligent Parcel Box Brochure


MyRENZBox Intelligent Parcel Box Brochure

The brand new brochure featuring the extensive range of myRENZbox intelligent parcel boxes.


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