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Long established Camden locals, Sheppard Robson, were the architects for Camden Courtyards. The aimed to create a building that reflected the attitude of Camden and drew in the Georgian and Victorian architecture roots the city has to offer whilst designing a contemporary, modern structure for the future of London.

Camden town is famous all over the world for being one of the most contemporary places to visit in London with alterative fashion, Camden market and an acclaimed music scene.

Barratts Developments were the owners for the Camden Courtyards development. They carefully considered the needs of the private occupiers and residents when deciding what amenities to include within the complex. There are a range of additional extras from a communal roof terrace with views of London, a 12 hour concierge service and a quiet courtyard.

There has been a considerable growth in online shopping and parcel delivery in recent years. This has demanded the attention of housing developers all over the country. A parcel delivery solution within the developments allows residents to receive and return deliveries without the need to be available for hand-to-hand transfers.

Barratt Developments went for a simple yet effective manual parcel solution in a Gentian Blue colour with the added benefit of them being recessed into the wall. There project was a fantastic way to use space and offered a future proofed solution that provides commitment to the growing requirements of millennials.

This solution is affordable, very easy to install, allow for more space and most importantly is a highly effective option for the residents.

Grid Renz SLB


The MEFA Hazel is a parcel box with loading chute used for both mail and parcel storage and delivery at the same time. This minimalist option is usually fitted in a free-standing arrangement, but for the Camden Courtyard development they were fitted into a ‘bank of boxes’ for secure mail and parcel delivery. They are also situated for a fantastic use of space.

They have also got contrasting silver vinyl lettering on each box, which allows delivery personnel to quickly identify where each letter and parcel needs to be delivered to.

Project Type:Private Accommodation
Product:MEFA Hazel Parcel Box
Material:Powder coated galvanised steel
Finish:Gentian Blue (RAL 5010)
Product Dims:1043H x 385W x 230D
Product Capacity:45 Litres
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Everyone in construction now need to accept that parcel boxes are no longer an unusual commodity, the issues cannot be ignored as they most certainly will not go away. Whether it is a simple manual system or a fully integrated SMART intelligent system we have a highly developed solution for all site profiles and budgets, providing the solution to the last mile delivery and satisfying the needs of the carrier, development and occupier. This is no longer a luxury but a basic commodity in a rapidly growing digital retail economy.



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