myRENZbox is a smart parcel solution used in education settings for a variety of different purposes for both members of staff and students including the exchange of consumables (IT Equipment, Stationary etc.), Depositing of work as well as the classic parcel locker management features.

The backend system of the myRENZbox parcel storage units allow for logging of access and it is possible for clients to have a functioning system where the delivery of work and items are recorded. This transparency in a process would be useful for the submission of student work, recording of what and when items are delivered and when everything is collected.

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Popular Education Smart Parcel Solution

myRENZbox Fire Rated Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Fire Rated Parcel Boxes

Our fire rated range combines all of the style of our classic range of myRENZbox while adding an extra layer of safety.

residential parcel boxes

myRENZbox Modula

Part of the Classic range, MODULA is a fully scalable intelligent parcel box system with proven functionality at the best price.

myRENZbox Modula Extended Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Modula Extended

Part of the Classic range, the Modula Extended solution is both taller at 2216mm and deeper, 750mm than the standard Modula range.

myRENZbox Kompona Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Kompona

The Kompona range is a parcel box system that can be combined with both mailboxes and door entry systems allowing for both deliveries and access to be managed in a single unit.

MODA Parcel Boxes
The Safety Letterbox Company

MODA Parcel Box Range

Our MODA range has the flexibility to use several types of locking technology including ‘Click n Lock’, digital combination or RFID reader lock/unlock systems.

Mail and Parcel Box Combinations
Mail & Parcel Boxes

Mail & Parcel Combinations

Our range of Mail and Parcel combinations are a great way to combine both mail and parcel solutions for any project.

myRENZbox Parcel Boxes

The Ultimate Smart Parcel Solution For Education Environments

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