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MODA Parcel Box Range

A Hybrid Mail & Parcel Range of Solutions

The Safety Letterbox Company are the UK’s leading manufacturer of mail and parcel delivery boxes, and we now have a high-capacity parcel delivery solution that has the flexibility to use several types of locking technology including ‘Click n Lock’, digital combination or RFID reader lock/unlock systems.

This MODA range of parcel boxes are both extremely versatile and attractive that can feature multiple capacities and sizes in a single bank of boxes.

The parcel boxes featured in this range can be designed, arranged and configured to suit each individual project requirement, conforming to branding guidelines and enhancing the vision of the project with multiple colours used in one bank possible.

Each parcel box in the MODA range is constructed of a body and front face door and is particularly cost effective when recessed into a wall as the body can be supplied in one standard colour or unpainted, and the front face can be stainless steel or a single / multiple colour finish.

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Mix & match colours, sizes & finishes

One of the main benefits of the MODA range of products is it’s ability to mix and match the sizes, colour and finishes in a single bank of products.

For example, a bank of MODA mail and parcel boxes can be configured into offering both parcel and mail boxes that are different sizes; securely storing whatever is delivered to the location. This type of solution is extremely popular in multi-occupancy residences, for both horizontal and vertical development styles.

The colours and material finishes used for both the front face and body of the products vary and can be specified prior to manufacturing in order to meet project or company branding requirements. The MODA Range of mail and parcel boxes really is that versatile – perfect for you to think outside of the box!


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Design Versatility

We make them – we don’t just stock them. We’re the only UK based, end-to-end mail and parcel box provider. Our R&D, design and manufacture facilities enable completely bespoke designs.

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Multiple Capacities Available

The MODA range of mailboxes are our most popular range of mail boxes since their launch in 2015. This is not by mistake though, the MODA range are possibly the most versatile range of mailboxes available anywhere on the market.

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Pushing the boundaries of mail delivery

Our unique investment in R&D and consistently innovative approach mean we’re always ahead of the competition, with inspired design, greater choice and increased reliability.



In Front / Out Front Horizontal

The MODA Horizontal S mailbox is a variation of the popular MODA Horizontal model but does not feature a mail opening flap. The lack of a mail opening flap allows for quick delivery of items without having to first lift a flap.

The MODA Horizontal S mailbox is a popular product in projects requiring a minimalistic solution using clean aesthetics. As with all of the other mailbox models, you choose the colour for both the mailbox carcass and the front face – offering full flexibility and control to suit your budget.

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No-obligation consultation

We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

Simply complete and submit the form and we will get back in touch to talk through your requirements.

We also provide Autocad drawings as required – it’s all part of the service!