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Intelligent Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox range offers Intelligent parcel lockers, digital and manual parcel boxes plus bespoke solutions, all available to ensure parcels are delivered 24/7.

Whether the project is residential, student, business or consumer, retailer or courier, our Parcel boxes deliver a high quality, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to your parcel needs to any sector.

MyRENZbox can be installed internal and externally to fit any space. All parcel boxes are weather resistant, including customization in order to meet your needs.


Fire Rated Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Modula smart parcel lockers have been tested by the Warrington Fire Research Laboratory in their most extreme conditions.  The test includes our smart parcel boxes being recessed within a wall and backed into a furnace, with temperatures exceeding 1030 degrees Celsius.


Modula Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox MODULA is a fully scalable parcel box system that is functional at an affordable price. myRENZboxes has a unique software platform, which enables full automation of the parcel delivery, collection and returns process.


Modula Extended Parcel Boxes

Our range of myRENZbox Modula Extended solution is both taller at 2.2m high and deeper than the standard Modula range. These high-capacity smart parcel box solutions are ideal at accommodating problematic large parcels and work perfectly in a click and collect retail environment.


Kompona Parcel Boxes

The myRENZbox Kompona is a flexible bespoke intelligent parcel box solution that can be combined with mailboxes and door entry systems. This systems allows for both mail and parcel deliveries to be accessed and managed by a single unit.


eQUBO Parcel Boxes

These intelligent parcel box solutions are designed for residential environments. Whether it’s one or two properties, or a small apartment block the myRENZbox eQUBO is the perfect parcel solution which can also include mailboxes.


Fresh & Frozen Parcel Boxes

We have created intelligent temperature controlled smart parcel solutions that is perfect for the food retail industry. With three temperature options available the myRENZbox can be customised to suit each business.


Pallet Box Parcel Boxes

DIY stores, general retailers and projects such as construction sites  can use myRENZbox pallet boxes to securely store large items in a smart way.

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