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System Data Security & GDPR

Data security is of the utmost importance to us and every aspect of the system and data security has been carefully designed to fully comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and also protect the system from both misuse and malicious attack.

  • myRENZbox parcel locker systems are designed to be fully GDPR compliant. We are clear from the outset about our commitment to support our customers during the implementation and deployment phase of our systems.
  • At the point of installation we provide comprehensive training, following a strict sign off process.
  • The delivery and collection processes have been carefully designed to be GDPR compliant. No personal details are shared with either parcel delivery companies or between end users.
  • We act solely as a processor of information and provide the mechanism for the smart parcel box owner to manage and control user data via the management portal.
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Data Security

The network is secured using firewalls, intrusion prevention and web security appliances amongst other technologies. All traffic is SSL certificate encrypted.

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Malicious Attack Protection

In the event of malicious attack blocking of unauthorised authentication will take place. The portal is protected by a firewall with IPS inspection. The system is regularly audited based on ISO 27001.


Data Storage

Renz supports a cloud solution, where the data centre is in Germany. Data is stored both locally at the smart parcel boxes and in the portal.


myRENZbox System Security

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