Wolff & Müller are a family company that have been running in the building construction industry for over three decades. They are one of the leading privately owned construction companies throughout Germany. Starting in building construction and industrial construction, Wolff & Müller have continued to grow with over 2000 staff and over 85 years of experience they have become a streamlined construction business with a holistic approach.

Grid Renz SLB


Wolff & Müller needed a parcel box solution that was easily accessible, robust and could withstand the demands of a construction site. myRENZbox was perfect for meeting the demands of parcel delivery on a construction site as it is robust with concrete plinths that anchor the solution and totally portable with crane lifting points for easy movement from one construction site to another.

Not only could myRENZbox withstand a construction site but it also allows for every courier to deliver to the site with ease of access and easy to use technology. It also offers the site manager to receive parcels and distribute parcels out to other staff effectively.

The system used is a myRENZbox Modula, with bespoke design in line with company brand guideline and concrete anchor supports for safety and the optimal use of this incredible parcelbox solution.

Project Type:Construction site parcel deliveries
System:RENZ Modula, Bespoke housing. Base T-bar and concrete anchor supports.
Process:Standard Delivery (DHL & ParcelLock)

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