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Visitors to Billund, Denmark’s second biggest airport, can now decide whether to take their duty-free purchases with them or to have them safely stored in the intelligent myRENZbox parcel management system. There are two ways that you can use myRENZbox; there is an option at the online shop checkout to pick up your purchases on the way home, or you can let the cashier at the airport know that you want to leave the goods in secure storage until you get back.

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No More Extra Baggage

Choosing to pick up at Billund airport means that passengers no longer need to unnecessarily lug around their purchases from one destination to the next! The day before arrival, you will receive an SMS with a QR code so you can access the relevant parcel box and retrieve your purchase when you land again in Billund.

The airport has worked closely with the myRENZbox team to develop this exclusive “Shop and Collect” platform and together they have ensured that police security processes are adhered to and Customs requirements are met.

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The Key to Flexibility

Billund is the first airport to offer its duty-free customers the flexibility that myRENZbox can offer. This secure facility can be used around the clock, there is no waiting time and the box can be operated using an app, an electronic key fob and or a special customer card. So no extra queueing at the end of your journey!

The myRENZbox is extremely robust and can be configured to a size and colour that meets the project requirements. The system can be freestanding or wall mounted and the myRENZbox ‘Shop and Collect’ platform can be integrated into your own ERP system. You can also add a payment terminal, receipt printer and barcode scanner to the wish list! There are so many possibilities with myRENZbox.

Grid Renz SLB

René Lauersen, Head of Commercial Activities at Billund Airport said,

We offer this service to enhance the travel experience of our visitors and see it as part of the overall digitalisation of the duty-free shopping process that gives passengers the flexibility that they need.

Project Type:Full Shop and Collect Parcel Solution
Product:myRENZbox parcel boxes

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