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We are reminded on a daily basis about the rapid growth of eCommerce and ever more demanding customer expectations. The competitive landscape is changing rapidly and all these ingredients add up to ever greater commercial pressure on parcel delivery services.

myRENZbox Parcel Lockers – fundamentally address the environmental and cost impacts of missed parcel deliveries, and enable returns to be consolidated in one location. They can also act as a 24/7 collection point for customer parcels, complementing your existing parcel shops.

We are installing a growing network of myRENZbox parcel stations in residential apartments, individual homes and student accommodation. Let us work with you to integrate your delivery processes and capture an electronic proof of delivery and in so doing, elevate the service level to your retail and other commercial clients.

Direct investment in parcel lockers, will make your business even greener, not only reducing CO2 emissions but also significantly reducing the cost of parcel delivery & returns. The future of parcel delivery is here, let us become your valued business partner.

my renx box - Parcel delivery boxes

Popular Logistics Parcel Solutions

residential parcel boxes

myRENZbox Modula

Part of the Classic range, MODULA is a fully scalable intelligent parcel box system with proven functionality at the best price. The combination of hardware and unique RENZ software platform enables full automation of the parcel delivery, collection and returns process.

myRENZbox Modula Extended Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Modula Extended

Part of the Classic range, the Modula Extended solution is both taller at 2216mm and deeper, 750mm than the standard Modula range. These high-capacity parcel boxes are ideal for accommodating problematic large parcels and work perfectly in a click and collect retail environment to store customer orders placed online.

courier parcel lockers by the safety letterbox company
myRENZbox intelligent parcel boxes deliver a quick return on investment

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