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AXO is a student accommodation provider that is committed to providing student from all around the world with a unique living experience. Offering secure spaces that are more than just a room with a range of additional facilities to future proof your experience.

In Coventry they have a location called Paradise Student Village. This prime location is a short walk to the city centre and main university campus. It currently contains over 1000 rooms and is more than likely going to grow. As AXO are all about future proofing their locations, an intelligent myRENZbox parcel solution fitted perfectly with their goals.

Grid Renz SLB


AXO opted for a smart myRENZbox Modula parcelbox solution. This particular solution comes with a range of different parcel box sizes, a touch screen display unit and is available to all couriers. AXO have enabled their students to manage their deliveries in a secure and safe manner through a mobile app or online portal – offering complete discretion, ease of access and a user-friendly solution.

The myRENZbox system was installed at Paradise Student Village and comprises of ten modules – a control module, two 533mm extension modules and seven 300mm extension modules. It has been specifically designed t fit perfectly into the alcove space available.

The Solution was powder coated in Traffic White (RAL9016), which is one of SLB’s many standard colours.

Grid Renz SLB


The solution allows AXO to remove the headache of trying to manage and anticipate parcel deliveries for so many students. Deliveries are made directly into the myRENZbox by the couriers and students are notified when their parcel has arrived. The solution removes the need to sift through hundreds of parcels and free’s up the time of the staff to deal with other matters. It streamlines the process and ensure all parcels are stored in a safe, secure environment and are easily accessible trough a user-friendly software.

Students never have to worry about missing a delivery again!

Project Type:Student Accommodation
Product:myRENZbox Modula Parcel Boxes
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With such a boom in online shopping, managing parcels in the office has been a real challenge. Using myRENZbox has reduced the pressure that our employees face. Instead of searching for the student’s name on a more conventional style collection box, now they can put it in a secure smart box, and an automatically generated notification will be sent so that the student can pick up the delivery straight from myRENZbox. The myRENZbox application is easy to use with a simple interface.



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