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Bundesgartenschau is a German national horticultural festival which happens every year, it is also know as BUGA. The theme for this show was innovation, this is where RENZ stepped in as a supporting partner.

Grid Renz SLB


The show runs from April to October and the festival showcased the host town for the first time in 70 years. They built a suburb town called Neckarbogen simply to house 700 people during the event. In support of the innovative theme, RENZ added a clever touch or innovation to the show by supplying secure locker facilities to the event and introducing a ground-breaking driverless delivery solution.

The collaboration between RENZ, the festival and the local university created these incredible delivery pods that are deigned to move to where the residents need them. Fully customised and designed in line with the right colours of the festival theme! They are secure, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Grid Renz SLB


The great thing about the RENZ platform, is It can be used by all couriers and delivery services, meaning compete ease of access and efficiency – you can also coordinate the parcel solution to be used by local suppliers for an all-around complete turnkey parcel box solution.

The parcelbox solution provided was an intelligent parcel delivery system meaning the items can be deposited and stored securely without the addressee being there in person. They can also be collected at the convivence of the recipient. You can access the box with a choice of an electronic tag, entering a unique PIN or using the myRENZbox mobile app. All options are user friendly and designed for a quick and easy retrieval of goods.

Grid Renz SLB


An additional service that was supplied by RENZ were parcelbox lockers for the festival goers, these lockers came in a range of sixes so anything from mobile phones to pushchairs could be stored away in a secure location. This ensure that the residents and festival goers were all catered for.

There were charging ports placed in the parcelbox lockers so visitors could ‘charge up’, securely while visiting the festival. You were given a unique pin to access the locker meaning it was completely secure to leave your personal belonging there to charge.

Extensive Parcel Box Deliveries:1 x large ‘MODULA’ 15 column parcel box unit (Magenta color finish shown in the first image on this page).
Transportable:2 x transportable ‘MODULA Extended’ units.
Device Charging:2 x smaller ‘KOMPONA’ device charging units.
Driverless:3 x ‘KOMPONA’ autonomous driverless units.
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This showcase project by myRENZbox really shows what the future of parcel deliveries will have in store across Europe, in the UK and across the World. We’re extremely excited by the products that are in the pipeline and look forward to bringing you more projects like the driverless parcel delivery solutions as seen at the Buga Garden Show.



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