Carrefour are a multinational retail corporation based in France. Carrefour was founded in 1958 and employs over 320,000 staff across 12,000 stores in over 30 countries. Their stores range from convenience stores in small towns to hypermarkets in cities.

Grid Renz SLB


The Calais branch of multinational retailer, Carrefour, were looking for a solution that was convenient and stress free for their shoppers. The solution needed to enable shoppers to collect their groceries in an efficient, time saving capacity.

myRENZbox offers an incredible, smart, temperature controlled, click and collect solution, which was the perfect option for Carrefour. It enables shoppers to pick up their entire shopping from frozen to fresh, knowing it would securely be stored in temperature-controlled boxes for them to retrieve at a time that is convent for them.

These temperature-controlled boxes come with three types of settings (ambient, refrigerated, and frozen), which was the perfect balance for Carrefour in anticipating the demand it would cause.

After the installation of this futureproofed myRENZbox in Calais, it came to light the success of a click and collect solution in retail stores like Carrefour. There are now 14 myRENZbox temperature controlled, Click & Collect stations across France.

Project Type:Retail Food Click and Collect
Product:myRENZbox Temperature Controlled System (Ambient, Chilled and Frozen)

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