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In January 2019 HIFX joined forces with XE to combine currency exchange and money transfer services. XE in Bracknell were suffering from an ever growing parcel delivery solution in their offices. As various courier drivers come every day to the offices, the time management and work that was needed to sort and manage every parcel was becoming a full time job.

After consideration XE knew they needed a parcel bx solution to help manage the delivers and collections from within the offices. This would streamline the deliveries and increase productivity with staff.

Grid Renz SLB


XE proactively got in touch with The Safety Letterbox Company to provide a parcelbox solution. RENZ group is the parcel system side of SLB offering intelligent ad smart solutions for a range of industries. XE wanted a smart solution to be installed within their office to enable all couriers to deliver and all staff to be streamlined into the software for automatic updates and ease of use. They needed a system that was as automatic as possible to allow for increased productivity and as little disruption as possible.

Grid Renz SLB


Introducing myRENZbox Modula to their offices just shows how forward thinking XE are. The system proves that XE wants their employees to feel valued and appreciated within the workspace.

The convenience of having this intelligent parcelbox solution in pace meads there are less disruptions, increased productivity and reduces stress levels with a calm and efficient workplace.

Grid Renz SLB


XE needed a tailored system process to work in harmony with the business. The team at myRENZbox worked closely with XE to ensure their requirements were met and the system was effective and in line with their business. There are also several standard processes available as well as an option for bespoke.

Grid Renz SLB


Whether you have a small space available or a large one, myRENZboz is made up of different modula columns to effectively give you a solution that will maximise return no matter the amount of space you have. XE had a relatively small space available and needed a system to fit into an alcove right by reception, so it didn’t disrupt the natural flow of the office. Now in situ, the parcelbox solution looks like it was designed for that space.

The system was also powder coated in Traffic White (RAL9016), which is one of SLB’s many standard colours.

Project Type:Office
Product:myRENZbox Modula Parcel Boxes

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