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Residential Parcel Boxes

Our residential smart parcel boxes solve a problem that addresses growing problems for multi-residential buildings. A secure 24/7 parcel solution, seamless parcel delivery and collections service, ideally located to provide an effective and reliable solution.

Around 82% of UK households make online purchases. The future growth predicted demonstrates the very real need to consider how parcel delivery will be handled on a housing development.



Daily parcel box deliveries to Multi Occupancy buildings can be challenging. Our smart parcel boxes can be the perfect way to meet those challenges and add value to the building.


Student Living

Managing students parcel Deliveries can be a full time job. Why not look at our range of smart student parcel boxes solutions to manage daily parcel box deliveries to Student Living complexes.


Social Housing

We work hand in hand with social housing associations to create a home parcel solution that is secure, accessible and user friendly that will meet all the requirements of each project and client.


Build to Rent

Our smart parcel boxes are perfectly designed for the Build to Rent market, providing an intelligent parcel solutions for parcel deliveries that come 24/7. Our range of parcel boxes can be bespoke for each project.


Individual Homes

Our range of individual parcel boxes are a large-capacity method that secures your mail and parcel deliveries at your home. Never miss a delivery again with our parcel boxes for home.

Our Projects


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We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

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